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Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Campaign chairs: Karen Goldsworth &
Leisa Fox

campaign total$289,866
current week started06/06/2020

This Week's Top Producers

Bernie Stone: $0
Strategic Scouts Consulting, LLC

Joan Ellis : $0
IN the BAG Corporate Cuisine

Luke Xiong-Howser: $0

Last Week's Top Teams

Ben's "Believin'" Bunch$0
Who's Selling Now$0
Straight Cash Homie$0


The final week is here!!!!

We really NEED everyone to come together for a final BIG push so we can reach our goal. We need to log $30K in sales this week. It is going to take us all.

Please register to attend the Victory Party on Monday from 4-6 p.m. We want celebrate YOU and all you have done to help us this past six weeks.

The biggest area of focus: CIBC, Wicked West, Luncheon, KEY in Des Moines. Of course memberships and genYP memberships are always a focus as well. Businesses are guaranteed to be in the directory if they get their application in by Friday. After Friday, we will do all we can to get them in the Business Resource Guide, but we can't guarantee it after Friday. Use this to your advantage when following up.

We have SOLD OUT of the CIBC Exhibitor Booth Sponsorship. I know a number of you were working on these. Denise is going to see if there is any way to add a few more booth spaces. If so, we will add them and notify you right way. Be prepared to turn in any exhibitor contracts in the event we can add.

If not, focus on the coffee sponsorship, which gives them the same things, plus more tickets and a dedicated audience.

The genYP Branding Yourself as a Professional has been discounted to $499! This is half price!

Thanks again for all you do!