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Connector Program : Platinum Investor

cost: $495


Align your company with the most connected group of active volunteers in the Chamber by becoming an investor of the Connectors! This group sets the bar for networking and relationship-building and is highly motivated, highly active, highly visible, and highly connected - and your business name would be in front of them showing support throughout the year.

In addition to being placed in front of this highly visible group of networking igniters, you also have the opportunity for further exposure as you present the Connector of the Quarter at one of the four meetings during the course of the year. During this meeting, you are invited to give a 5-minute overview of your company. You may also hand out marketing brochures/giveaways during that meeting/presentation.

Marketing/Advertising: Your company logo is displayed on the Connector web page on www.uniquelyurbandale.com for the entire year ($600 value).

Brand Recognition: Each new member has their Connector's bio/photo link (which directs them to the Connector page) in a welcome email. That means more hits on the webpage where we recognize your company for investing. There are approximately 50 Connectors and 150 new members each year.

Advertising: Your logo is displayed at each monthly meeting (12/year) agenda.

Advertising Message: Your company logo and recognition on the Connector's Facebook page quarterly in 2020. You may provide a logo or image, along with a marketing message to be posted to their social media account for a direct message and/or offer.

Additional Marketing Messaging: Your business logo is added to the annual calendar of social outings for the Connectors group (12 socials per year) for another opportunity to remind them of your support and commitment to their group.

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