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CampuSGF is a new guide targeting college students with an inside look at living, playing, and working in Springfield. This publication features information on our different districts (downtown, C-Street, Cherry & Pickwick, Galloway and Branson), fun facts about the community, how to enjoy the outdoors, information on employment and more. We want to retain the best and brightest talent in Springfield, so a natural place to start is with our colleges where nearly 50,000 students reside. The goal of CampuSGF is to show students everything our community has to offer and hopefully encourage them to stay here when they graduate. This would be a great opportunity for companies/employers looking for additional recruitment tools to use throughout the year. The publication will be distributed by The Network's college student outreach task force during classroom visits (at least 1,000 students) and by the Chamber at other various events.

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