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Business Owner programming : Presenting Sponsor

cost: $1,500


Presenting Sponsors receive:
Naming Rights to the Business Owners Breakfast held April 26, 2018 at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. The event will be promoted as: Business Owners Breakfast, presented by (your company). Sponsors will receive their logo on the mailed event invitation. 2-tickets to the event ($50 value), pop-up banner (as provided) at the podium to be seen by all attendees. The ability (if desired) to have a booth space available to display product information. The Presenting Sponsor will receive a list of all attendees for post-event marketing purposes.

Naming Rights to MOXIE Plus (Member Owners eXchange Information and Experience). This group will be promoted as "MOXIE Plus, Presented by (your company). A sign will be displayed at each MOXIE Plus group featuring your business. The Presenting Sponsor of the Chamber's Business Owner programming will also have the ability to provide the Chamber with materials to distribute to MOXIE Plus attendees. Only business owners can attend this program, so attending is not part of the sponsorship.

Strategic Startup: From Chaos to Control is a program for entrepreneurs in business for 3 years or less to help strengthen the foundation of their new business. Each attendee will receive a binder to use throughout the class. The Presenting Sponsor has the ability to add a flyer to the binder as well as attend the session (if interested) to welcome the participants and say a few words about your business and what it has been like as a business owner/president (if applicable)

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