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Mission Blacklist First Responder Breakfast, featuring Eric Maddox: Breakfast Sponsor

cost: $2,495


As the Breakfast Sponsor for the First Responders' Breakfast featuring Eric Maddox, these sponsors will receive:
• Opportunity to welcome audience and share why Marco Technologies chose to sponsor the event.
• Company logo will appear on all West Des Moines and Urbandale Chambers of Commerce communications marketing the event - including print and digital.
Promotion of event will begin in early Fall 2018 and run through February 6, 2019.
• Logo with hyperlink on Event Page & Registration at wdmchamber.org and uniquelyurbandale.com sites
• Eight tickets to event reserved at front row table. Your attendees can all sit together or you can be paired at two tables with top local First Responders and city dignitaries.
• Category Exclusivity
• Pop-up banner(s), as provided, to be displayed at registration and/or in the front of the room, on or near the stage area as venue permits
• Display table in foyer/pre-con/registration area
• Marco Technologies logo on front of program
• 75 -word paragraph about Marco Technologies and your services displayed on program
• Opportunity to place promotional material at each seat.
• All announcements regarding FIRST RESPONDERS Breakfast will include, "Made possible
by speaker and breakfast sponsors (named)

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