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Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Newsletter

Campaign chairs: Jack Fries &
Leslie Malcom

weekly total$0
current week started09/21/2019

This Week's Top Producers

Aaron Christensen: $0
Consolidated Communications

Jason Edge-Lord: $0
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Des Moines Northwest

Michael Gettler: $0

Last Week's Top Teams

Stellar Connectors$0
Smooth Operators$0
10 Star Team for 5 Star Chamber$0


It is the final push!!!!

Right now we have a big focus on memberships. The first TEAM to get in $5,000 in new memberships will be given an additional $5,000 cash sponsorship to split!

On Monday we handed out our list of dropped members. Below is an updated list for your review. Any business on this list you get to re-join the Chamber you will receive credit for their membership!

We hope to see you on Monday. Please RSVP if you can make it!!! You are all doing great, but we need a big push at the end!

Take care,